Thursday, September 4, 2008

Read This Now! Sarah Palin: It's The Abortion Debate Stupid

Many Republicans know who Frank Schaeffer is. For those who don't, he's the son of Francis Schaeffer, the evangelical Christian author of wildly popular and influential Christian apologetic books "Escape from Reason" and "The God Who Is There." A best selling author in his own right, Frank wrote one of my favorite books, "Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back."

The selection of Sarah Palin as Republican VP candidate has brought to the fore the pro-life/pro-choice debate once again. Thirty five years after Roe versus Wade, and 4 pro-life presidents who have done nothing, pro-lifers still think their selection of president should be based on this one issue at the exclusion of all others.

Mr. Schaeffer has an excellent article that we all need to read. It's longer than a quickie post, but it's the beginning of a conversation we MUST have. Please read it, comment on it, Digg it, pass it along, and converse.


Jim Vieceli said...

You are right The life issue is indeed a non-starter for me. I will never vote for a prochoice presidential candidate. This is rooted in the core of my world view. My world view is rooted in the belief that “In the beginning, God…” is true history. If it is, then we must consider all human life of intrinsic value. I am consistent in my views in that I don’t think that capital punishment as it is currently enforced and defended is what God would intend either. If that is not true history, then the whole issue changes.

I would disagree with you as to the impact of having a dedicated pro-life occupant of the White House. I think that we can be thankful for the partial-birth abortion ban and other legislation that has limited the level which we commit infanticide. GW Bush's great legacy will be his two Supreme Court appointments.

If the democrats win, they will do two things. They will send the Court to the far left for the foreseeable future AND they will pass legislation like the Hate Crimes bill which will strip our freedoms of thought, speech and religion in the name of tolerance. We have seen it happen in Europe and it will happen here. Read some of Francis Schaeffer’s (Frank’s dad) books. How Should We Then Live for example. Many of the issues that Dr. Schaffer wrote about in the final chapters have become reality in many places and in ways more subtle that he imagined.

Thanks for your time.

Andre said...

I think it's interesting how some Republicans claim a monopoly on Christianity such as making the abortion debate a matter of good vs. evil when it's really just a political question.

Chuck Lasker said...


I think you SHOULD look to Frank Schaeffer's writings. He's a friend of mine. His book Crazy for God is his best, I believe. But you can see his recent writing here: