Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Father of Reaganomics" blasts Republicans

In a piece that does not take into account the large numbers of progressive Republicans, like the Republicans for Obama movement I'm a part of, Paul Craig Roberts gives a biting commentary on the Neocon Republicans' mismanagement of our economy. In more detail, he agrees with my statement that "trickle down economics" no longer works as the money is being spent in foreign countries and invested in non-jobs-creating investments. I call it "trickle away economics," which I hope catches on. Here is the article from Mr. Roberts:

I responded to Mr. Roberts with the following email:

I enjoyed your article titled The Mother of All Messes at, not because it is entertaining, which anything so blunt could hardly be said to be entertaining, but because it is so true. However, I am a progressive Republican, one of many who agree with you, but that you have said you can't find. I'm probably not "bleeding heart," but I am socially progressive and care deeply about the issues you talked about. Here is my testimonial, in which I say many of the same things you've said:

(Note: what do you think about my new phrase, "trickle away economics?" I hope it catches on.)

As you can tell, I am part of a movement known as Republicans for Obama, having held events and gotten media attention. We are Eisenhower/Reagan Republicans who reject the current Party takeover by the neocons and desire a return to the true Republican principles of our Party founders. We had a get together last week written about here:

A well known Republican for Obama is Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower, whom I spoke with last week and still considers herself a Republican but does not like where the Party is right now. The way she put it, "we were here first."

So, we do exist, and most likely in greater numbers than will admit in polls. I hope that our existence might stem some of your anger towards Republicans in general, and focus it more on the new neocon Republicans who have temporarily destroying the GOP.

Yours in Hope,

Chuck Lasker

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